Blogging can Be like an Entrepreneur that brings investment opportunities for us

By Aslamrer | Aslam-Hiver | 1 Sep 2023

Hello to the Publish0x Community! Welcome to my blog. It had been five months on hive platform. I learned many things here. Either it was a micro blogging in the form of Leothreads or it was a macro blogging in the form of other frontier. I enjoyed everything from small tips about Cryptocurrency and big things about Investment.


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I don't believe on a system which attracts investors on the basis of 50% investigation and 80% profit. Without proof of work, it is too much theoritical and scamming for me. I have strong opposition for all methods leading to the fastest rich process.


Be an Entrepreneur through Blogging, Microsoft 365

I enjoyed my blogging on hive platform. I literally have not imagined in my life, there would be a platform that would provide investment opportunities to me. It was hard to believe for me when I hadn't joined Hive Platform. After joining hive, I came to realize my blogging journey is moving towards investment.


Blogging is work from home, Tozak

It is the main reason, every reward I got from blogging on Hive Platform, I started investing either in the form of savings to enjoy 20% APR or started staking. Both are good investment opportunities for investors. Thanks to Hive Platform that provided me not only learning about it but also helped me to grow in the form of Investors.


There is an increase in Hive and HBD token in my bucket, towfiqu

I can remember the past when I joined hive platform with 10 HP delegation from leovoter. Now, I 'm happy to have 635 HP( Staking) and 41 HBD in savings.


SS from my Peakd Wallet

Everyday, I did my best to learn things and after learning I applied them vertically. I learned lessons about Cryptocurrency. I learned lessons about blogging. One of the biggest lesson, I learned in my 5 months hive journey is to avail investment opportunities through Blogging. Blogging on hive platform brought rewards in the form of HBD and HP. Both have versatile opportunities to grow. Being small investor and learner on hive platform, I 'm doing my best to increase my growth in the form of investment. I 'm hopeful to fulfill my dreams through blogging.


There are many things that looked impossible but they are happening at more fast rate than we expect. Blogging on many platforms has although earning but blogging and investment on same platform is rare to find. Being Hivains, I 'm enjoying both things. I love to do blogging and happy to do investment for my bright future. In Pakistan, everyday inflation rate is increasing. Today, I was on a petroleum pump to fill the empty tank. They informed me there is no petroleum although they have kept it in their containers. It was all due to random increase in the petroleum prices today. Petroleum authorities stopped selling petroleum at old prices and waiting to get notifications for new prices. I was panicked by this scene. Hence, I decided to increase as many as I can HBD. I shall put them in savings to enjoy 20% APR as a profit. This is my simple strategy to get over inflation.

This is my entry for HL Weekly Featured Content Hive Learned. I hope, you enjoyed my ideas about the lesson I learned on hive. Thanks!


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