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By Aslamrer | Aslam-Hiver | 30 Jul 2023

Hello to the Hive Publish0X Community! Welcome to my blog. It had been three months after joining hive platforms. Today I decided to share my experience what I learned from the hive platform. Although, it is my 4th month here but still it looked I 'm newbie and there are many things to be learned here. Hence, I 'm sharing what I learned here. If you want to invest then I 'm not financial advisor just make your reseach before anything.

After joining hive platform, I had faced the difficulties of short resources credits just like others had faced. Still, I can remember the time when my own hive power was zero. But I was as continuous and persistent as I 'm now. Yes, I didn't stop my hive journey and that tough time has passed now.

How can we start our investment on hive?

This was the first question I asked from my friend who guided me about hive platform. There are many people still when we invite them on Hive, they have same words.


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The answer for this question is simple. Your time from start to end in Understanding the different aspects of hive platform is your first investment. After giving time, you had learned many things to publish your first intro post as your investment. When you had published your hive post. You get your 50% reward as a profit from your post. It was all due to your first investment that is your time.


Screenshot from my last post, 50% author and 50% Curator Reward

How can we earn from Hive Platform?

There are many ways of earning on hive platform. This was the second question I asked from my friend after understanding all aspects of hive platform and publishing my first intro post.

  1. By Blogging

As a content writer or video blogger, you can earn by posting on hive platform. Hive has different frontiers ecency for newbies as they earned ecency points with their each activity, Liketu for Instagram users, three speak for V-Logger, Leofinance and Peakd with many advanced tools. On every frontier, you will earn by posting your genuine and quality content. Curators who are interested in your content will curate your stuff. After 7 days, you will receive your earning in your wallet and many tokens like neoxian, Alive, Vyb, build etc as a reward.

  1. By Curation

If you don't like blogging and are investors. You need to buy Hive tokens. There are many Hive Exchange applications Huobi, Binance etc where you can buy hive. You need to deposit your hive into your wallet. After receiving hive, you need to power up all your hive. It will increase the value of your voting magna. More power, more value in your voting magna. Then you need to curate each post you like. It will provide you 50% reward as a curators.


Screenshot from my curation reward
Power Up=Staking

  1. By Savings

If you don't like curation and blogging, then you can earn interest rate on your savings in the form of hive or HBD. There is no decentralized platform that willl provide you 20% APR on your savings except hive. Yes, you need to put your hive and HBD assets in savings then you will earn 20% interest rate.


Screenshot from my peakd savings

  1. By Trading

Hive Blockchain has 2nd layers tokens that you can earn by blogging as well. Otherwise, you can buy them from your hive or HBD. Hive engine is the key platform that helped you in trading of these secondary layers tokens. In the pumping and dumping of these tokens, you can manage your profit. You can also stake(power up) these tokens that will increase your voting magna of that frontier.


Screenshot from my ecency secondary token wallet

For instance, if you power up Leo tokens, then it will increase your value of voting magna of leo curation on Leofinance that you will achieve by curation of post.


Screenshot from Leofinance to show Leo Rewards

  1. By Microblogging

If you don't like macro-blogging and curation, then you can enjoy micro-blogging on D-buzz, decks on Ecency and Leothreads on Leofinance. I most of the time post threads on Leofinance for micro-blogging.

  1. By delegation

If you don't like blogging, curation, trading then you can earn as a delegator. There are many communities and accounts that shares their curation profits with delegators. Like, I have delegated my Hive Power to Hive Pakistan account then they are sharing hive rewards with me. Moreover, if you are blogger they will curate your posts as well because you have delegated your hive power to their accounts, it increases your chances of earning as a blogger.


Screenshot from my HP delegation


This was three month learning and my experience on hive platform, still I 'm learning many things. After joining hive platform, I 'm happy as an investors. It is hive addiction and love from this platform, I have not withdrawn anything from hive. I like to invest everything that I got from hive platform. I 'm happy to do my job as a blogger, curator, earner by savings and trader on hive engine. This is the pure beauty of this decentralized platform that is not all about blogging. It was all about my hive investment and the ways I 'm adopting with the experience on hive. I hope, you have enjoyed my post. Thanks!


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