Presearch - brave browser of search engine?

Presearch - brave browser of search engine?

By asce | Asce | 21 Mar 2021


I started using presearch just last month and got interested as presearch gives PRE coins for just searching and the coin given with each search is good. I receive 0.12 PRE per search and it just keeps on adding. Presearch is similar to brave browser which is not only fast and secure it allows you to earn its own Basic Attention Token (BAT) through ads. But one problem with brave is that you earn BAT with seeing ads and thats where presearch shines as you just earn PRE tokens by just searching the things you would normally in other search engines.

Is is better than duckduckgo or google?

As a previous user of google, i just wanted a secure search engine and gave chance to duckduckgo and i was satisfied with it. Not only it kept my device secure but it also allowed me to customize the search engine and i would say the only thing missing in duckduckgo was PRE tokens. And thats when presearch comes as it allows me to customize it and it is secure and one feature i liked is the ability to search with different search engines inside presearch. As you can see in above picture there is icons of youtube, google, duckduckgo, etc. As it makes me convenient to search with other websites. I would say presearch is rising as a next big search engine as it keeps growing and develop new features to catch the eyes of people.

Value of PRE tokens?



The value of PRE isn't much right now but it seems to be increasing gradually and hopefully it can become more than $1 ( Just found out values differs in different websites.) I haven't bought PRE tokens as currently i am just a student but have earned some PRE tokens just by searching. Once it reaches 1000 tokens then only i can withdraw but i am thinking of holding it for a while to see where it winds up.

I hope it blows up but some people might had bought it when it was very low and now can trade for it as it reached $1 and that's  how maybe some people earn money by investing in it early when its price is way low. This is my first post and my regards to the person who started this contest of $1000 in ethereum as it helped me to write my very first post.


struggling to mine and earn cryptocurrency.


Just started learning about cryptocurrency and got really interested in it.

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