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By Lochard | As a newbie programmer | 10 Mar 2023

Problem: Cody has a sequence of characters N. He likes a sequence if it contains his favourite sequence as a substring.

Given the sequence and his favourite sequence F, check whether the favourite sequence is present in the sequence.

Input: The first line of input contains a single line T, which represents the number of test cases. 

Each test case consists of 2 strings separated by space N and F respectively.

Output: Print "Yes" if the sequence contains the favorite sequence in it, otherwise print "No".

Constraints: 1<=T<=10.


All the characters are lowercase alphabets.

Sample Input: 2

abcde abc

pqrst pr

Sample Output: 



for i in range(int(input())):
  n, f = input().split()
  print('Yes' if f in n else 'No')

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As a newbie programmer

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