Nexo interest rate

Short Nexo Review

By Aruno14 | aruno14 | 25 Jan 2022

Recently, many platforms provide passive income while holding cryptocurrency. In this article, we will have a look at

Interest rate

First, the provided rate can be obtained in the holding currency or in the NEXO token (ERC-20 Ethereum token).


Nexo interest rate

By comparison to other, centralized platform like Abra or Matrixport, rates are not bad. You can find better rate on some DeFi.


Moreover, sometimes there are special high rates for limited time, like for example 17% on AVAX.



Nexo is based in different country, mainly in Europe, to provide worldwide service. Then platform seems to be mainly developed by team in Bulgaria.



The web and app interface is very clean and easy to read. In my opinion, it is more readable than many other platforms. In addition, it is translated in main languages.

Nexo interfaceHowever, the android app can not be used on landscape on tablet. 



You can also use your crypto as collateral to borrow other fiat or cryptocurrency at a rate between 0% and 13.9%.


Register bonus

You can get 10$ in bitcoin if you register using a referral link like this one:


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