How to accept BTC as payment on your site (outline)

By Aruno14 | aruno14 | 16 Dec 2021

Most of the people use Bitcoin as an investment, but it is also a currency !

If you want to accept payment in BTC on your website, there are mainly two ways:

  • Using a dedicated service
    • simple, but has fee on each transaction
  • Doing all yourself
    • complicated, but no transaction fee

Dedicated services

(Image from:

Doing yourself

Main steps are:

  • Generating bill
  • Creating a specific BTC address if needed
  • Waiting client to send money
    • Checking address transaction
    • Generating a receipt
    • Sending the product
  • Converting BTC in another currency (USD, EUR,...) if needed

Checking address transaction

Two main methods:

Using your own node

We only want to follow transaction's events, so we can use a pruned node (a node which does not save the full blockchain (400Gb)).

Bitcoin Core provide below JSON-RPC API:

Bitcore has some library to connect to it:


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