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By Eili | Let's Earn! | 27 Jul 2020

Another crypto scam!

Hi! Today, I will show you another website that you have to be careful of. This site is called has actually been around for maybe a year or so already. I remember signing up to that site last year. The ways of earning there was actually pretty simple. During my first time of using it, it was just like your typical crypto faucet wherein you can claim at least 23 satoshis every 30 minutes. And when you reached the minimum amount of 0.001 BTC, then you can request for withdrawal.

However, recently I decided to log-in on my account again to check it and it seems like there has been a lot of changes on their site. There's no faucet claiming anymore and you can only earn by surfing ads. The minimum withdrawal amount is now 0.01 BTC and you have to be a premium member first before you can withdraw. And we all know that to become a premium member you have to pay a fee which is definitely sketchy. Also, I don't see any other details on the site any more. There were no contact details and terms & conditions indicated anywhere on the site. Seems like an absolute scam!


So then I checked forums on whether it is really a scam and it is indeed! It's already marked as scam on BeerMoney Forum.

If you are still using this site, I suggest don't expect anything from it anymore. And if you are not using it and you stumbled upon it, just ignore it and stay away from it immediately. I'm actually surprised that they still have the audacity to stay up and scam people when they're already so obvious. I hope they'll stop operating.

Scams are everywhere especially when it concerns money so always be careful. I will make more articles like this so you will know what sites to avoid.

Always keep safe! ❤️

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Let's Earn!
Let's Earn!

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