Legit Crypto Apps 2020 (With Proof of Payments)- Part 2
Legit Crypto Apps 2020 (With Proof of Payments)- Part 2

By Schire | ArtSchire | 4 Mar 2020

Here's another list of legit and paying crypto apps!

Hello! I've tried again another set of crypto apps and I have proven that it's legit and paying. All these apps can actually be downloaded from google play and are very easy to use. I will still provide the links for the apps so it will be easier for you to find it.

Here are the apps with brief descriptions about them:

1. Bitcoin Blast
- I've actually used it a lot of times already and they have paid me a few times too. All you have to do is to connect similar-colored blocks and complete the challenges for each level. You can actually earn 1000+ loyalty points(100+ satoshis) everyday. You will know that you've reached the maximum satoshis for that day when a notification pops up that says you have reached the max points and you have to return to dashboard. Make sure to come back and play again every 24 hours! (Note: You can only withdraw once every 5 days.)

App Link:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.getloaded.bitcoinblast

Proof of Payment: 


2. Bitcoin Blocks
- This one is from the same developer as the Bitcoin Blast. It's pretty much the same with the previous app mentioned and the satoshis you will earn here, which is also 1000+ loyalty points per day, actually adds up to the satoshis you've earned from Bitcoin Blast. So if you will play both games, you will earn 2000+ loyalty points = 200 satoshis every 24 hours! (Note: You can only withdraw once every 5 days.)

App Link:

Payment: I've withdrawn my satoshis from both apps on Bitcoin Blast, which was shown on the proof of payment from that app.

3. Storm Play
- I've used it for a long time and finally I had my first withdraw! I was actually going to make a review about it last year but I do not know any better platform to use until Publish0x.
In this app, you can earn bolts which can be converted into Storm(use your ERC-20 wallet), Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dai, and Litecoin. You can earn these by watching videos every 30 minutes (500 bolts) or by completing tasks. You can withdraw your bolts once you've reached 200,000. It was actually hard to reach the minimum amount if you will only rely on watching videos every 30 minutes. So I suggest you complete their available tasks since they really give you the indicated bolts you will earn once you've finished it. I actually got 150,000 bolts just by completing one task.

App Link:
You can use my referral code for additional 6000 bolts: UD6TCOE6
Click the icon on the top right corner to enter the code.

Proof of Payment: 



4. Bfast Bfree
- I haven't reached the minimum amount for withdrawal for this app yet (5100 points) but they send me bitcoin for registering on the app. I think this somehow supports the legitimacy of it. Although I will update as soon as I've had my first successful withdraw. (Note: You can only withdraw once every 5 days.)

App Link:
You can use my referral code for additional points: IREWV
Click the icon on the top right corner to enter the code.

Proof of Payment: 



Some of the apps won't pay much if you wouldn't use it frequently. So if you have time, these apps will surely help you to earn a few bitcoins for free! I hope you will earn a lot soon. 🤗

Check out these faucets for more free ways of earning: 
Free-bitcoin2020: https://cutt.ly/xtxtOzb
MoreMoney: https://cutt.ly/jtxtDzl
Bitpick: https://cutt.ly/gtxtHs2
FireFaucet: https://cutt.ly/ztxtKd7
Btc777: https://cutt.ly/7txtXKx
Fly-dash: https://cutt.ly/ntxtBhA
Fly-btc: https://cutt.ly/ltxt0gw
Fly-ltc: https://cutt.ly/Ptxt93g
Fly-doge: https://cutt.ly/xtxt4HW
Click this link for my post about these faucets:


Hi! Welcome to my blog. Lately, I've been into earning crypto and I've been trying a lot of crypto apps and websites. I'll be sharing these apps and websites to all of you once I've proven that they're legit and paying. I hope you'll check it out. 🤗

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