Depression and Arts

By Gwenie | Arts | 18 Jul 2020

They say the art tells a lot about the artist. This is true for me.

This is the first time I'm sharing these arts to the public. I've kept and never displayed these because I'm afraid that people will see my pain thru my arts. I'm ashamed because people might think I'm weak.

But this time, I want to share these for awareness and to give hope to those who are suffering. Even in the smallest way, I am hoping my article would help.

No need for words. This art speaks for itself. This is a very sad truth. Oil pastel on regular sketch paper. Drowning alone in misery. Oil pastel on regular sketch paper.

I am aware that many people nowadays suffer secretly. They hide it may be because they are ashamed or maybe because they don't want to bother the people around them.

But I want to tell you that, there's nothing to be ashamed of. Feeling pain is not being weak. It is alright to cry. Everyone experiences different pains. It is a good thing if you will share it. I believe the people who love you will be more than glad to help you get through that pain.

Also, don't pressure yourself. Maybe there are times that you will feel left-out, useless, or unloved. One day you saw on social media that everyone is living a good life, then you question yourself,

"What happened to me? What am I doing all this time? Why am I the only one not successful?"

Let me tell you this: We set our own pace. We run our own race. Life is not a marathon. It is not about who will be successful first or who will be the richest.

Life is about living the way we want. The way that makes us happy. May it be simple or luxurious life, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you are happy and contented. We must also appreciate those people who love us. Maybe we are not aware because we are too focused on our own misery and pain, but I'm sure there is someone who loves you and cares for you.

Don't let society ruin you. Never settle to the standard of the society. Never let them set your goals, your standards, or your life.

Remember, it is YOUR life. You are beautiful in your own way. You will achieve your goals in your own perfect time. Just live your life to the fullest.

It alright to fail, to be disappointed, to not achieve in your first try. What's not okay is GIVING UP. You must stand up, try again, and never lose hope.


Do your best and God will do the rest ❣️

I just want to clarify that these are all based on my experiences. If ever there's something wrong or I missed something, please feel free to comment. All comments are welcome. I know I still have a lot to learn and I will be more than glad if you guys help me. Thank you ❣️

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