Music Teaching in Afghanistan

Music in Afghanistan, yes.

A Sitar maestro couple from Bengal, India, lived in Kabul and taught classical music to youngsters in Afghanistan at the National Institute of Music Kabul in 2017.

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Watch how Sitar exponents Abhishek Adhikary and Dr. Murchana Adhikary Bharthakur were teaching budding young students at the National Institute of Music Kabul, Afghanistan.


What has happened to the music lovers of Afghanistan now?

The truth of democracy for the citizens of Afghanistan is unfortunate.

During 2017, the scenario of Afghanistan seemed good.

The recently given a chance to a new government was positive.

What happened later is pathetic.

The current US president gifted the military power to the Taliban.

What was the reason for giving power to the brutal hands of the Taliban?

Only the democratic party ruled US government administrators might know.


Now, the present Taliban rulers have banned women's education!

What the world superpowers, like the US, the UK, and the rest of the European Union is, doing now? They are just watching the barbaric crimes by the Taliban.

The Taliban rulers are enjoying all the facilities in the UN meetings!

Why aren't the Taliban getting economic sanctions from the US, UK, etc. now?

Are the women of Afghanistan deprived of education rights?

Why are the world political leaders not taking any action against the Taliban?



Afghanistani girls must get an education.

All people of Afghanistan deserve to practice music, art, and culture.

It is the duty of the UN and the world political powers to do something to remove the Taliban administrators and put them in jail.



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Sep 26, 2023

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