Results June 3, 2020 The world of cryptocurrencies.

Results June 3, 2020 The world of cryptocurrencies.

By Artur89 | Arthur Crypto 2020 | 3 Jun 2020

📍 New York blockchain startup Civil announced closure. In a farewell letter to CEO Civil Civil Matthew Illes writes that after four years of operation, the company failed to reach self-sufficiency. The creators of the project sought to launch a “self-governing marketplace” for blockchain-based journalism.

CHead of Crypto Quant Kai Yang Joo linked yesterday's sharp drop in bitcoin to the sale of a little-known 2293 BTC mining pool after the first cryptocurrency reached $ 10,100.

📍 Bitcoin software curator Vladimir van der Laan today announced the release of Bitcoin Core 0.20.0. Among the main changes: rejection of the BIP70 payment protocol, use of default addresses in bech32 format, exclusion of the “-enablebip61” command to invoke BIP61 functionality, disabling support for OpenSSL libraries.

США The US Customs and Immigration Control Service (ICE) has announced a reward of $ 5 million for information that will help in the arrest of Joselite Ramirez Camacho, head of the Petro Venezuelan national cryptocurrency project.

ОAccording to the CryptoDiffer research company, Russia remains the leader in trading volume on the P2P exchanger LocalBitcoins. So, over the past month, the Russian market accounted for 19% (3420 BTC) of the total trading volume on the platform, and the average volume per week amounted to 800 BTC. Venezuela (11%) took the second place, and the USA (10%) took the third place.

📍 In Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, the local police found an illegal Bitcoin mining farm located underground. For the production of cryptocurrencies on the farm, the electricity of a local oil company was used.

📍 Co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin believes that since 2016 there has been an “ideological restructuring” of the crypto market. At this time, the old coalitions are leaving, replaced by new ones.

📍Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck reported a hack that resulted in the leakage of personal data of about 200 platform users: name, postal addresses, birth dates, email addresses, as well as photos provided for account verification.

CanMining giant Canaan, which is listed on the Nasdaq, has introduced two new devices for mining bitcoin. However, their characteristics are much inferior to competitors.

📍Analytical company Crypto Rating Council concluded that cryptocurrencies Polkadot, Nervos and Tron can be recognized as securities in the United States. The experts analyzed white paper, open information in the repositories on GitHub and social networks, talked with the developers of a number of projects, and then rated each of them on a five-point scale.

📍 The total amount of cryptocurrency assets managed by Grayscale Investments has reached $ 4 billion. At the same time, the majority of investors prefer the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust fund - it accounts for 88.8% of the total investment.

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