Cardano price skyrocketed 60% amid Proof-of-Stake launch

By Artur89 | Arthur Crypto 2020 | 8 Jun 2020

The price of Cardano rose 60% after the announcement of Charles Hoskinson about the imminent launch of the Shelley update.

As previously reported, the Shelley update will deploy in three phases from June 30 to July 7. According to Hoskinson, this is the largest change in the protocol in the history of all blockchain projects:

It's like the Ripple network has changed the consensus protocol. Not a single cryptocurrency did this after the network was already launched.

Against the background of the upcoming update, the price of the asset soared from $ 0.055 to $ 0.088, and trading volumes grew almost four times.

At the moment, Shelley is being tested in the ITN test network, to which more than 1200 node operators have already connected.


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