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Thé CryptoArtist Accord

The CryptoArtist Accord

By Tigilles | Art in NFT | 27 Jul 2021

“Peace is more than the absence of war. Peace is accord. Harmony.” - Laini Taylor


We have noticed that in the past few years we have all slowly found ourselves drifting away from a peaceful civilization and seemingly stopped caring about one another. Our goal however is to spread the message of peace back into the world and shine a light on a forgotten topic.



All 49 of us have worked extremely hard to bring this piece to you and we are very proud of what we have accomplished as a family. 25% of the money raised will be donated using Ethereum to Children International, a nonprofit organization.



By purchasing this NFT you will receive: Full Resolution Image (14000, by 14000px) The Accord, written by Shqkn and Metpub_Michael

For donation :


Artists: @Skeli, @Daemon2.0, @Dovanivan, @Sharky, @ImmortanSlug, @Michael, @Kenobi, @Ego Rangel, @Ryuti, @Kynokephalo, @Beatrice Von Millhouse, @Artistken, @BladedSoul, @PT_Pree, @AndrewGableArt, @Rizilience, @! !Abol, @MightyWeasel, @Mombert, @Shqkn, @Ziggy Ray, @EmmaB, @InkedZoo, @Ammantilla, @Bttrnt_dlx, @Harper, @Diana Pelenur, @RofzStudio, @ResetNFT, @NArtfusion, @Elleseh, @GrumpyApes, @Tigilles, @Teddy, @NahidAbedi, @Janezi, @Corv0ns, @khatriji, @shadow00, @ShockKatie, @Awadoy, @BellaTrixxie1, @Heidi Botscharovva, @HellKraken, @Abe, @Moxo, @scwfilms, @tiperial @Artiqm

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