"Tippy Tippy To Rye Eh???" by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

"Tippy Tippy To Rye Eh???" by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

(I don't know what that title means either...)

Moonlight slippin' in thru the window... In Victorian times, MOONLIGHT was said to revive a vampire (both Varney and Ruthven, specifically.) I wonder if it will revive me???

"Lunar Window"
[Digital photo out the window with digital embellishments and color. 2020.]

Feeling good about that image. I want to project it on the ceiling and stare at it while spacey, bleepy New Wave music plays from my little blue speaker tube.

The wife (Mariah Yates) and I had another art night. She poured a couple drink while I turned on some old Buffy episodes, and we ARTED IT UP!

Once again, she outclassed me by a million percent (in both quality and quantity of work)... (All of these are by Mariah and include collage, stickers, and/or acrylic paint on both found postcards and reclaimed cardboard fashioned INTO postcards...)






She had one more postcard that she MOSTLY finished, but wasn't sure who to mail it to, so we tucked it back into the plastic envelope with dozens of other cards for NEXT WEEK'S art party.

My meager output was only 50 percent that of Mariah's, but.... but nothing. She made cooler cards and she did hers FASTER than I did mine. (I'm cool with if!) Here's some of what I produced from our mail box drive by tomorrow:




Speaking of dropping things in the mail, Mariah and I finally finished filling out our voting ballots today, and I drove up to a ballot box and tossed them in...

[If you follow me on Tweeter, Facebutt, or Insteeglam, you might have already seen this photo today. Sorry! Still, I think it's important to encourage everyone who CAN vote TO vote!!!

1:00 A.M. already?!?! I didn't even talk about the new NFTs that I both BOUGHT and sold on nftshowroom.com today! Dang. Guess I ll have to say something about it tomorrow! Okay??? Cool...


---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

[P.S. - This post was originally published last night on my Hive blog, but I was tired and didn't bother to share it here, too. I've given myself permission to post it here now, though...so that's what I'm doing...]

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