NFT nude girl

by alexcocopro

Experimenting with digital art and NFTs I dared to go out of the ordinary, which is to mint your works of art in the ethereum blcokchain using platforms such as opensea and I have carried out the process through HIVE, coining this work at https: //

The user experience has seemed great, although it is a bit confusing how to put your work on sale, however it is very easy to tokenize your work. I found it very interesting that they first verify the artist by checking their social networks and approving to be able to upload your works, which guarantees in some way that the artists who are on the platform have quality work.

I will continue to share arts and special photographs and digital paintings of female nudes, which I really like to do.

I share my gallery with a work at the moment:

It should be noted that the niche of this platform is for digital paintings, drawings and animations. I have also seen some 3d renders but the platform is not focused on photography.

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art and cryptocurrencies

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