Seeing it face to face

By Aerials | Arrow Whispers Poetry Blog | 29 Mar 2020

...and through the endless corridors walks a Minotaur. I can't see him, but air currents of the labyrinth bring pungent odor of the bull's sweat, and heavy steps echo through the stone wall passages. I've been running... Running for so long that my run seems to be eternal. Very soon I won't be able to run anymore.

And why should I?
What if I turn around and face him instead?

I hear bull's nostrils flaring noisily, hot air coming out of his powerful lungs like a hurricane. He is taller and wider than me; his large, horned head almost touches the stone ceiling. He smells of Beast - a mixture of blood, sperm, and damp, sweaty animal hair. He is pulsating with rage and merciless intention to destroy everything on his way.

I am a small, pale body in a dark corridor of an endless jumble of passages, and if I abandon my run, he won't even notice stomping me to death.

But he is MY bull. Just like what came to me once, years ago, was MY devil. There's no one else in here. It turns out that this is a private game stage, but the childish games played sometimes end in very adult ways.

Why not? A labyrinth or an arena... A black veil falls down from my eyes, the sun is blinding, and I stand face to face with a hungry beast, or maybe there is a mad chariot charging at me, murderous blades sticking out of its wheels raising dust...

And the task is to go through all this by myself, ALONE, accepting the freedom and the weight of the path I've never expected or longed for... The only path that was needed in order to go on even farther - after recognizing my Beast.

When you finally stop running to meet all your entities - every single one - will the Heart survive?


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My name is Araksa. I am a freelance writer and a martial artist.

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