Sorare - The Splinterlands of Football

How much do people like to play Fantasy Sports? How much do people like to collect sport cards? My guess is... a lot! Guys at Sorare seem to know this very well, that's why their blockchain based fantasy game with collectible cards is doing so well. 

The Paris-based startup raised €3.5 million to accelerate the growth of its global fantasy football game: they announced it yesterday.

More than 70 football clubs from Europe, the United States, and Asia have already partnered with Sorare to issue officially licensed cards so that football fans can collect and play with their favorite players, amongst them Juventus, Atletico, and Olympique Lyonnais.

Personally sports and blockchain are two of my greatest interests, so i was looking for a while for a project to bring the two together

The Fantasy Game

You can read the full rules here. Basically, you can select five of your players by inserting at least one goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder and an attacker and indicate the captain since his evaluation is higher than the other interpreters. You'll compete against other player of your level in 5 different leagues (from rookie to All-Star). There are different prizes to be unlocked and weekly prizes for each tournament, mostly of them are cards.



Marketplace and Cards


Sorare has created a marketplace where players can buy, sell and exchange digital cards, which are numbered and differ in three categories. For each player there is a card, called Unique, but there are also Rares (100 cards) and Super Rares (10 stickers) for a total of 111 cards per player per season, while evaluations are provided by Opta Sports data , a leading company in statistics and sports data.  The Ethereum blockchain is used to guarantee ownership of digital cards, as well as to certify and safeguard the rarest cards.


The Future

Launched in March 2019, the game has a marketcap of $ 1 million thanks to the involvement of about 20,000 fans in 50 countries, with revenues increased tenfold from $ 30,000 to $ 350,000. By combining data and potential, Sorare has convinced over time many investors from different sectors, such as the billionaire Xavier Neil, founder of Free and Iliad, and in the last round the German footballer André Schürrle

Nicolas Julia, CEO at Sorare, explained:

“People are buying $370 billion of collectibles per year. Sorare’s mission is to make fantasy football global and rewarding with a new kind of collectibles: digital football cards. We are creating the easiest way for football fans to leverage their football knowledge and play with skin in the game. We are delighted to be backed by an incredible syndicate of investors who will help us drive the adoption of fantasy football forward.”


My Opinion

For now the game is at super early stage, there are just a few things you can do to manage your cards and play with them. I just think the idea is brilliant, the team seems to be strong (they're hiring ten people by the end of 2020) and it's always good for me to jump into project as early adopter. 

I'm starting to play this game right now, i'm super excited and i will write something in future to let you know how this are developing!




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