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Remember Stepdrop , the app that pays you for walking? 2020 turned out to be the worst year for walking around, especially  in countries facing serious lockdowns due to Covid-19 pandemic. Guys at Stepdrop seem to know that, that's why in the last months they launched new features to let users earn by doing quizzes and learning, by watching videos and by forecasting the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

This last features has a new system which makes it very interesting: basically, you can't lose ;)



The game was pretty easy, and it's similar to other apps feature like SwissBorg. You have to forecast the price of cryptos in the next hours, determining if it will go up or down: if you win, you double your money. Starting last week guys at Young exchange - owners of Stepdrop app - change a little bit the rules: you're now officially unable to lose!

To brighten up the grim situation all of us are facing, Stepdrop has decided to extend the special edition of Up&Down until New Year’s Eve. 

How it works

✅ If you lose the forecast you do not lose YNG.

✅ You can wager a maximum of 0.05 YNG.

✅ The reward will be equal to:

  • 3h 👉  5%  👉  0.0525 YNG
  • 6h 👉 10% 👉 0.055 YNG
  • 12h 👉 20% 👉 0.06 YNG

Winning forecast let you also earn more tokens by completing tasks and collecting rewards.

Stepdrop turned out to be quite a good earner for me, in a few months i was able to earn almost 45 tokens (minimum for withdrawal) worth around 12$, not bad for doing pretty much nothing apart from walking.af1b29779bfcd87383c35b97117415035d861b2dfbd817df8abe477863861841.jpeg


How to Play

Playing is pretty easy: tap the Up&Down icon at right-bottom of your app and select the crypto you want to forecast, choosing between Bitcoin, Ethereum and Chainlink


After you choose the crypto you want to play with, just pick "up" or "down" and make your forecast


Last step: you have to choose the duration of you're forecast, the bigger the duration the bigger the prize. Good Luck!


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The Very Confused Martin Babalor

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My journey to 1 Bitcoin

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