New life to Sorare

A little change happened in Sorare in the last month that went pretty much unnoticed, at least for me. It might seems a small change for most of the long time players, but it can be pretty much revolutionary for newbies: it is now possible to play in the rookie league for free, with just common cards.

When I first sign up to Sorare, it was just possible to play in the rookie league and compete for prizes and rare cards just for a short amount of time, more or less two months.
I played in the rookie league for a few times, getting really close to win one of the rare card given out as a reward (I ended up 4th or something like that). After that period, it was impossible to play in any league without owning at least a few rare card, which means it was impossible to play without an investment.
Considering Ethereum's high gas fee, I believe the minimum investment to play Sorare is around 400-500$.

This change means that it's possible to play the game basically without any investment. Even if the odds of winning something are very little, I still consider this a smart move from Sorare's team: a lot of players will keep playing the game because it's fun, and maybe turn into investors in the future.

I basically quitted Sorare a few months ago, because I didn't have a proper amount of Ethereum to invest to build a decent team, but I decided to come back and give it another try after this news. I found a much better UI and a much improved game since the last time I visited the website.

A snapshot of the new PLAY section UI




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