My Sorare Journey - Tips to Success

The development of my team on Sorare continues tirelessly. Since, a few months ago, the possibility of participating continuously in the Casual League was introduced, without the need to make an investment by buying cards, I have never failed to play. I deployed my team every week,  adding a little piece to my roster, which now is definitely not bad, with many strong players to choose from. Looking at it, this team could be almost unbeatable in a real match.


Not bad isn't it? Neuer, Salah, Alphonso Davies, Darwin Nunez, Allison, Musiala and many more. Unfortunately all of them are common - non tradeable cards, but a lot of them are really helping me climbing leaderboards.

At the end I'm hopeful that at some points I might land in the top 100 and win a card. My idea was to try playing the game without investing, just to enjoy it and share my passion for football

Read the data

By participating in the common league, in fact, it is possible to try to win rare cards (and therefore resalable or usable in higher leagues) landing in the top 100 of the ranking. Let's say that the possibilities are not much, considering that more than 100,000 teams are deployed every day.

If you are interested in evaluating the chances of winning for each league, I invite you to follow this account @Sorarestats -  which posts weekly very nice and useful stats.

For an even deeper look at stats, I also recommend this app  - which helps us understand which player to deploy every gameday.


The importance of the Academy

By collecting good placements in the Casual League, however, it is possible to win common cards, very strong and famous players included (Tier 1). These can be used within the academy, a project created to encourage the development of new players.
In this competition you do not compete with other players, but, upon reaching a given score threshold, you have the chance to win rare cards.
Another nice way to expand your roster.



Future developments

Since a few weeks Sorare released the baseball version of its game,  with the possibility to play with the athletes of the MLB, American Baseball League. I don't know anything about baseball, but I'm starting to register my lineup weekly to try to build a good roster.

The real news for me, however, is the announcement of the partnership with the NBA. As a big FAN of the NBA, I can't wait to start playing with the cards of my favorite players.



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