I created my first NFT collection on Zora

Coinbase layer2 Base is ahed of the curve right now. Based on L2 Optimism technology, these chain is attracting a lot of investments, with ton of new project building on top of it.

With the rise of all these L2 solutions, Ethereum is slowly rising again pushing back all the supposed “Ethereum killers”.

With a TVL of 1.4B $, Base is probably the place to be right now, even if Coinbase stated multiple times that no token will be launched, and Ethereum will continue to be Base main currency.

Farcaster, a social network built on Base (you may think about it like the decentralized version of Twitter) is probably the best solution to discover new projects and trends on Base. Everyone who’s a developer, builder or genuine crypto enthusiast is over there sharing invaluable informations. Plus, there are no bots around, which is in my opinion a great advantage.


One of the best and most discussed project on Farcaster is Zora, an NFT platform with some very interesting concepts.

When it comes to crafting NFTs on Zora, you have the flexibility to produce a range of NFT drops, spanning from unique 1/1 editions to generative 1/1/X collections. The only distinction from Ethereum lies in toggling the "Zora Network" option during the mint setup process. Simply finalize the transaction, and voila, your custom drop is ready on the Zora L2.

Zora is a multichain project that allows users to mint, promote and collect NFTs collections, creating a sort of ecosystem where users are rewarded for being creators, for being early or for promoting NFTs minting through referrals.

Zora has right now more than 4M NFT minted, 300M in secondary sales, 900,000 unique collectors and 7,5M$ as highest sales

The best art is made for oneself. The same is true for minting. Mint as a means to save your work for yourself. Mint to keep a record of your creativity that is not tied to any single platform. In a subtle way, minting could be viewed as scrapbooking on the internet. A place to save moments in time and inspiration. Minting is like super-saving to the internet.


Zora is also rumored to release its own token at some point, with a highly likely Airdrop coming soon. Many users in the last months minted open editions just trying to get a portion of this upcoming Airdrop.


Revenue split model

Here’s how the system works: NFTs can be generated for free (or just by paying gas fee, which are very low on Base) and then every mint has a fixed costs of 0.000777 EH.

These is how this price is splitted between the different users that are involved in the minting

Protocol Rewards split on mints with no list price:


Creator Reward: 0.000333

Create Referral Reward: 0.000111

Mint Referral Reward: 0.000111

Zora Fee: 0.000111

First Minter Reward: 0.000111


These dynamics create an environment where everyone is involved and incentivized to use the protocol, even just for sharing art or projects that he likes.


Mad man is Burning

I’ve been quite active on Farcaster lately and I kind of like it. I decided then to test Zora bringing an old project of mine on chain. I created the collection “Mad Man is Burning”, based on a work I did many years ago for an exhibition. Back then I used to work a lot with collage techniques and micro animations.

The idea was to create surreal illustrations based on vintage advertisings: the idea was to deconstructs and reimagines these advertisements from the 1950s era and subverts them, revealing the darker underbelly of consumer culture and the false promises they once conveyed.



Rèclame #1 on Zora


Through digital manipulation, smiles turn grotesque, idyllic settings become engulfed in flames, exposing the lies of advertising and the shattered promises of consumer culture.

Through this artistic reinterpretation, "Mad Man is Burning" exposes the lies and manipulation inherent in advertising, challenging viewers to question the narratives that have shaped our consumer-driven society. It serves as a commentary on the disconnect between the idealized images presented in advertising and the harsh realities of the world they seek to sell.


Rèclame #2 on Zora



I really hope the community will like these ideas and someone will mint some of these artworks. If you are interested just click on links under images, or visit the linktree of the project.



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