Globalhive - ZCash Quality Faucet

I recently found a new faucet, which i found worth using because it's easy, doesn't take time to claim and, more important, there's no minimum amount to withdraw.
This faucet Globalhive, pays out ZCash immediately after you claim, all you have to do is solve a Captcha (i stopped counting how many Captcha i'm doing per day ;)

This faucet is part of a new faucet group and it's very similar to PipeFlare  and GetZen. They have in common the same daily multiplier philosophy and they share the "Brave Browser" bonus.
Using this Faucets is extremely easy, let's see how.


Once you have created a Globalhive account, you will need a crypto wallet that supports Zcash. I personally recommend using Atomic Wallet, but you can use any wallet you want. Once you set up your address, simply paste in the address bar of you rewards page.


Taking advantage of Multipliers

It's really important that you set up everything to maximize your rewards. First of all, Brave Browser. If you're using Brave, your claim will be multiplied by 10. If you're not doing Brave Browser yet, please do it, it's the best. Come on. Do it. Do it.

Second, you have to verify your identity by linking some social profiles to the account. I personally only linked Twitter - the only social network i use - and that's enough to get a 1X multiplier (if you don't link anything, you'll get a 0.1X base multiplier, really poor). Adding Facebook and LinkedIn willbring your multiplier to 1.9X, not bad but I don't have them

Lastly, you'll nedd to claim every day. Here's the bonus multiplier for your daily streak. If you succeed in making five days in a row, you'll get a special round bonus that can give you up to 0.1 ZEC. So it's really important that you claim everyday if you want to maximize your earnings.


Not bad isn'nt it?
As you may know, what i'm trying to do is selecting a few earning opportunities worth using and quality faucet. Hope you guys will find this useful!



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My journey to 1 Bitcoin

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