Discover VARA and get some tokens on Coinbase

Recently I discovered a new Coinbase  "Learn and Earn" campaign, which was somehow hidden and not visible on the home page. The campaigns aims to let users discover and test the features of VARA, a new layer 1 solution to build, test and run dApps on the blockchain.

I'm not a developer, but what I've understood from the whitepaper is that the goal of Vara is helping the transition from Web2 to Web 3, with the primary focus of game developers. With the help of Gear protocol, Vara provides an easy-to-use enviroment for developers, giving a response to two of main problems working with blockchains: speed (extremely important if you don't want any delay in gameplay) and gas fee.

Vara seems quite new, as the mainnet from what I can see was just launched at the end of September. There is also an airdrop going on. The airdrop rewards early amssadors, node runners and test users: each category is rewarded in a specific stage and eligible users must submit a KYC.
Distributing tokens is one of the best ways for blockchain-based projects to build a base of users, creating interest in the development and contributing to the long-term sustainability of the community.


I could'nt find a lot of articles and videos explaining VARA network, just a bunches of Youtube videos. If you want to know more about VARA network, the best sources I could find were this interview  with one of the founders, Pavel Salas, and the official medium account

Coinbase "Earn and learn" campaign. 18$

If you are interested in having a bunch of VARA tokens but you're too late for the Airdrop you can always participate in Coinbase "Learn and Earn" campaign. The tasks required are super easy and the reward is very good, around 18$.

The first 3$ are rewarded for passing a regular old fashion quiz, after reading a few easy informations about VARA. The second step requires you to download and setup Subwallet, a mobile multichain wallet, and transfer 15 of your just earned VARA (around 1$) to this wallet.
After that, you'll be just asked to mint a single NFT, with almost no gas fee costs, and you're done. The 15$ dollars of VARA will pop-up in your Coinbase account.


I'm not sure if this campaign is available to everyone and why it was hidden in the app, but I stronglt reccomend you to check your elegibility.
Coinbase seems to be strong on this project, but it's also currently the only exchange to trade the token: quite normal for a new project, but I will consider it a ringbell in the future if the situation will remain like this in the future.


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