Crypto Olympics are not over

The 32nd Summer Olympics came to a close in Tokyo just 2 days ago. Despite being heavily affected by the pandemic -  there weren’t enough people in the stands to make much noise - the event was still capable of show some true and passionate olympics spirit. I enjoyed this Olympics more than ever, maybe because I was stucked at home and I literally watched every competition, or maybe it was because my country, Italy, did it so well in many events.


Olympic games are such a powerful heap of stories from all around the world, beautiful successes and painful failures, at a very high pace. Nothing like the Olympics to forget for a couple of weeks frustration and tragedy of the past 18 months.

On top of everything, there's dancing horses.

Horses. Dancing.

Sad but true, Tokyo 2020 is over, and we have to wait 3 more years to see a horse dance again (unless you are a true dressage fan). What is not over is the crypto hype for the Olympics, as a few platform used Tokyo 2020 as a marketing occasion and launched some bonuses to celebrate the event.

Here's are the best bonuses still live for a few days.



To promote their staking and liquidity mining services and celebrate the Olympic Games of Tokyo 200, CakeDefi gives enhanced bonus to user that successfully bring users on the platform. 

Until the 13th of August, every baker have the opportunity to earn further bonuses, as shown in the table below.

Users will compete for the Record Baker Title, above the Gold Medal, that can boost bonuses up to to 16x.


From July 22, 2021 10:00 AM UTC to August 13, 2021 10:00 AM UTC, each successful (verified identity and $50 deposit) referral earns the referrer $25, and the referee $50.

So if you decide to start using CakeDefi right now, you'll be given a 50$ bonus as soon as you complete KYC and deposit at least 50$. For those who may not know, CakeDeFi is one of the first platform to bring DeFi services on a CeFi services, allowing users to earn interest on their crypto using different services (Staking, Lending, Linquidity Mining)

If you are interested in understanding more of CakeDefi, you can find my previous review here or give a quick look to this video.




To celebrate Tokyo 2020 Betfury came out with a series of promotions to engage users in using their gambling platform.

The total prize pool of up to $150 000, which includes thematic profit boxes, a lucky spin, weekly and daily battles.

I'm not a huge fan of gambling, so right now I'm using Betfury as a faucet, playing only the token I have earned from the platform.

The most interesting bonus right know is the Olympic box: boxes on Betfury are a sort of staking service, where you buy a box and the amount (increased by a fixed percentage) is slowly given you back over time. Well, the Olympic boxes has a +100% bonus over a period of one month, which will double your BNB on your wallet in just 30 days.


If you want to know more about Betfury, the first gambling platform with share dividends, you can check my review here




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