Coindesk launches competition for Crypto’s Most Influential in 2020

Every year, CoinDesk recognizes the “Most Influential” people working to expand cryptocurrency and blockchain’s reach.

If you are more interested in cryptos as a vision on economics, politics and social relationships, you won't miss this kind of award. Following the results will give you a strong perspective on what will happen in the future, what cryptos will lead and what developments will be necessaries to a technological revolution made by open-source, public blockchain technology

The contest includes coders building tools, investors funding development, entrepreneurs starting companies, regulators passing supportive policies, and the podcasters, writers and thinkers who will usher in a financial revolution. 

The most influential people will be elected by Coindesk readers and followers with magazine's editors. Everyone can vote, as well as suggesting missing candidates, through this poll. The shortlist will be made by 15 influential, everyone can vote up to 5 candidates.

Here you can find all the previous winners: 201920182017, 20162015, 2014.




... (for cryptos) was a year of firsts. The U.S. Congress entertained the idea of a digital dollar for the first time. Ethereum will become the largest blockchain to completely reinvent itself. Bitcoin, for the first time, ended up on the balance sheets of multiple publicly traded corporations as a hedge against inflation. 


There’s work to be done and more barriers to break, but the financial and technological revolution underpinned by open-source, public blockchain technology is well on its way. We’ve seen the maturation of decentralized finance (plus plenty of food fights), the well regarded launch of Filecoin and astounding growth in the value and use of crypto-dollars.


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My journey to 1 Bitcoin

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