We, we are Publish0x

By Andann427 | Aro427 | 15 Sep 2020

A cataclysmic shift occurs when the minds of authors connect with audiences of every walk both small in between and the great. We forge as metal workers creativity and a diverse community is established. We, we are publish0x; a conglomeration of thought, insight, wisdom and the collective prowless of a pioneering early adopter of the internet of things. The world of tomorrow forshadowed by the tireless work  of our developers, programmers coders etc. The strength behind it all, the gears that move it all is community. 
I first learned of publish0x this past August, in that period of time my insight has grown my knowledge has increased and many articles have enriched even my trading strategies. Special thanks to this community for a platform to place my thoughts and a guide post to expand my mind and to grow deeper as a cryptocurrency enthusiast. Out of the shadowy caves into a thriving crypto light community. Thank you publish0x community!

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Crypto enthusiasts in small town Maine U.S.A


Exploring everything crypto, opinions, news. The future of money; awaiting true mass adoption. We together a group of pioneers furthering the cause to accomplish those ends of a decentralized monetary system and the freedom for all it awards.

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