Traders dream temporary HODL nightmare

By Andann427 | Aro427 | 6 Sep 2020

Decentralization is the ultimate financial freedom. These premises and the immutability of blockchain inherently drew my curiosity. Value is derived through consensus (agreement) central bankers governments don’t get this its more of a “ because I say so.”😂 approach and feels a whole lot like financial tyranny and taxation through inflation. Cryptocurrency intrigues and appeals to my inmost man. It’s been a wild ride and somehow the roller coaster 🎢 effect is one of the things I love most. The crypto sphere should create a (vix) volatility’s index to trade. I guess I love the volatility of crypto trading. Massive gains, massive losses played correctly massive gains. I posted two articles on Defi where I mentioned the bubble and the lead up to this last market unwinding felt like that. I should have seen it coming.... I did but I got caught with my pants down. I know where this goes it’s cyclical the crypto market does this all the time. I remember in 2017 buying on fomo BTC at $5800 seems as soon as I did it dropped to $2200 it was short lived and I’d ride it to its $20,000+ high. I love this I’m confident that a bet against the future is a bet you’ll always lose. I’m buying the dip and will continue to. 


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