The crypto Wild West / my fight against Tezos (XTZ) Dynamic ledger solutions and the path to a 25 million$ settlement

By Andann427 | Aro427 | 13 Sep 2020

The ico craze of 2017 was exhilarating beyond my wildest imaginations. On every horizon them thar hills were filled with gold..... crypto gold. Projects rose to sky high valuations overnight 1000’s of % gains. There were straight out scams, even a coin called shitcoin, every thing was green. In those days aside from what would vilified the ico era many noteworthy  projects of great Value were created and many of the lessons of the shortcomings of our crypto predecessors were vastly improved upon. 
The Tezos (XTZ) ICO was one of the projects of the time and contributions opened July 2017. I eagerly awaited that moment, my first ico. Into the early morning I waited and as soon as I possibly could I nervously made my first of two allocations. To set the record straight I love tezos and it’s delegated proof of stake concept,  in its time was revolutionary this idea of governance wasn’t common. I thought I was going to make a fortune. I was enamored to say the least! Tezos certainly has left its mark and the project is solid in my opinion. The roll out however was a nail biting nerve racking process! I became a lead plaintiff in the first suit against dynamic ledger solutions. My case and the class members who would join finally had there day, it resulted in a settlement of $25,000,000

Accountability is seemingly devoid in our crypto ecosystem. We have rights when exchanges cause damages, when a platform program or person scams. Never sit when you should be standing or you’ll always be trodden on. Just a part of my crypto journey in pursuit, striving to mass adoption .

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