Sent a transaction with memo error ? Or mistaken send errors?

By Andann427 | Aro427 | 12 Sep 2020

The irreversible nature of blockchain transactions and cryptocurrency are certainly its greatest strength but somehow in the worst time when errors arise crypto’s greatest weakness. Personally I’m a veteran with sending and receiving cryptocurrency, I’ve sent and received thousands of transactions. However as seasoned and educated as anyone could be I’ve had the misfortune twice in the past three months. Recovery efforts seemingly are like escaping the gravitational forces of a black hole 🕳 my biggest crypto mistake was a defi send accident of nearly 14 a ETH

currently fingers crossed 🤞 on this one enduring the 15 business day resolution only for coinbase to request an additional 20 business days. Then arbitration on the grounds of no longer desiring them to custody my assets and requesting the private keys to the unsupported assets. Second approach if coinbase doesn’t support an asset how is it on there platform and due diligence should prevent unsupported currencies to there platform.

my newest send error was a memo error

The silver lining on this transaction is it’s not coinbase I’m dealing with instead this issue is with binance. Binance has a mechanism in place for memo error transactions sent to its platform. The key is to always excercise caution, triple check before sending but if this happens to you and it’s on binance follow this link:

It’s very frustrating when an exchange can help but won’t ! Special thanks to binance

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