ARMR Listing is Coming, SO DOES THE PRIZES!

By ARMR_Network | ARMR_NETWORK | 20 Jul 2019

As it was announced recently, ARMR is going to be listed on P2PB2B exchange soon. To celebrate the great news, ARMR team is giving away 10 prizes


Prizes as follows:

10th: 75 ARMR

9th: 150 ARMR

8th: 225 ARMR

7th: 300 ARMR

6th: 375 ARMR

5th: 750 ARMR

4th: 1,225 ARMR

3rd: 1,500 ARMR

2nd: 3,000 ARMR

1st: 6,000 ARMR

For your chance to win a share of the prize enter the competition now and share on your social media and with friends.

Use the link below to participate! ARMR team wishes you the best of luck!

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