ARMR Enlists on HaloDEX

ARMR Enlists on HaloDEX

By ARMR_Network | ARMR_NETWORK | 10 Jun 2019

We are excited to announce that on 20th June 2019 at 17:00 GMT, ARMR will be officially enlisted on HaloDex for trading. HaloDEX is Halo Platform's decentralized exchange - a fast, easy-to-use, high security exchange to trade top cryptocurrencies and tokens. It is our first exchange and with the community behind us, we look forward to a great start. Getting enlisted on an exchange that is aligned with our values is yet another step towards achieving our mission of offering our community a truly private and anonymous coin. We recommend downloading the latest version of our wallet and white paper on our website

For a limited time ARMR has massively increased the staking rewards. You can earn 15% annually on staking your ARMR coins and supporting the network starting from block 184814 through block number 324022. Go to and follow the steps to create an account and be ready to trade ARMR. Following trading pairs will be available from the start: ARMR/BTC and ARMR/ETH.  

“Our commitment to your privacy and anonymity remains unwavering, and enlisting with HaloDex is a critical step towards achieving that. We look forward to being a part of their journey as they work to be one of the great exchanges in the market, and we will be getting into more exchanges in the near future.” - ARMR CEO

About ARMR

Founded by a group of blockchain enthusiasts ARMR aims at providing users digital asset transactions and services which are designed around security and anonymity, integrating premium assets worldwide, and constructing a state of art blockchain platform. ARMR is not a company, and there was no ICO held upon the launch.

About Halo

Halo Platform is the next generation in cryptocurrency management. Users can access the most diverse set of cryptocurrency tools on the web, fully customizable to suit your needs. For the first time, crypto traders, and users can manage their crypto activities all in one space, making Halo Platform the ultimate all-in-one management system that the crypto community has been waiting for. Have a look at for more information.




In a world where online privacy is becoming increasingly important, digital commerce doesn't get its fair share of the spotlight. We don't want people snooping on what we do online or with our money, we all have a basic human right to privacy. It stands


Private from the ground up, designed around security and anonymity.

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