ARMR Conversion Deadline Approaching

By ARMR_Network | ARMR_NETWORK | 19 Aug 2019


Dear ARMR community,

the conversion to ARMR will end 31st August 2019, 12am UTC - you still have two weeks to get your ARMR. The deadline date counts from the day the Conversion Process Registration Form has been send in.

If you where part in the XCS Airfork then claim your ARMR coins now. We have prepared a Registration Conversion Process for you: Please fill out the google form and follow the instructions. Not all fields are required but it is important to accept the Disclaimer. All registrations will be closely monitored by the team to prevent any attempts of misuse.

If you have questions regarding the ARMR wallet please reference the Wallet User Guide or join our community on Telegram for help.

And now get your ARMR coins!

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