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By syarrf | arkindonesia | 6 May 2019

I have known Crypto technology since 2013, so at the beginning I was not very understanding because it did not have the basis of Crypto technology.

This is my first story that wants to know the technology of the future, since I was young, I was close to old people, I learned a lot from them, old people once told me, that in the coming years we don't have to use telepathy if we want to call someone, I remember at that time the old people were more than the age of my father, indeed it was like my fiction but now it felt the reality. Unfortunately the powerful parents did not feel what they were saying at that time.

Wind Technology and Plate Technology I have been told by Haji Ma'un, who according to genealogy is my grandfather, at the age of 5 years I was taught by him the art of making magnets from copper wire, unique from magnets that can emit electrical energy. And the electrical energy from the wire coil is used for therapeutic devices.
He also predicted that in the coming years electrical energy could be carried by the wind and its many uses, as well as tools such as plates that could store stories, and all of them were the gates to enter the next more sophisticated technology !! well now we have felt it.
I listen to all the stories of the old people and I digest some of their knowledge in me.

Evidence of parents' stories turned out to be true, and now we feel the technology they are telling.

Many of my ancestors say that the Elders of the city of Bogor and according to the story of the 15th century many European, Asian, African and Eastern people were studying with my ancestors. Some evidence of historical heritage is stored in the Bogor museum, and there are several other evidences still stored on Mount Salak, according to the story of the mysterious Mount Salak place that was often visited by Bung Karno, the first president of Indonesia and the place made him learning. According to my grandfather, the mysterious place is a magical gate that can penetrate into several continents, but until now the mysterious place has still not been found, many people are lost if they search for that mysterious place.

What made me laugh when I was a kid, my grandfather was cautious about using wood that was shaped like a smartphone, I think my grandfather was a little insane, apparently not, the wood formed by the smartphone made a human voice. What made me confused was that the wood could stick to the "Iron choir" magnet my grandfather said was the name of the wood, and the wood was taken from the mysterious place of Mount Salak Bogor.

And according to my grandfather's story, the mysterious place of Mount Salak Bogor has a stone inscribed with an ancestral work, which reads various technologies used by mankind throughout the centuries.
And the map to the mysterious place is stored in historical objects belonging to ancestors who until now did not know who held the heirloom,
I saw that in 1985 to 1995 the heirloom was still in the village of Cihideung near the Warso Farm tourist park, then an archaeologist took the heirloom in 2000.

# Signs are near to the mysterious place of Mount Salak
Signs that when we get to that place, we will meet a mythical creature Wild Boar, which is as large as an Elephant with a Boar, using Mustika, known as Pork Chain Mustika, and a White Tiger with only a head, no Loreng on its body even like elephants.
And it is said that there was a stone engraved with the Crypto ARK emblem  on the mysterious place of Mount Salak. I am not making up this story, if you are curious you can find out for proof, if you want to find this place a lot of taboo restrictions that you have to apply, the risk of violating the prohibition will endanger your own life or the group of people you are looking for

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