Why Hodling Bitcoin now is more Important than Ever

By Arkemmus | Arkemmus' Blog | 22 Jan 2021

As we all know, Bitcoin has entered a fast and exciting bull run from mid-2020 to (at least for now) one week ago.


During this phase, we have seen many big players joining the market and starting buying BTC. I'm talking about Mass Mutual, Microstrategy, Grayscale, Stripe, PayPal, and even banks (old enemies) like J.P.Morgan.
These people are in for the long run and they are still buying right now, despite the high volatility and short-term uncertainty.


Addresses with a huge amount of coins are keeping on accumulating.


In short, cryptocurrencies have become very appreciated among the financial elites.

So, if the big boys are buying, who has been selling since the beginning of the bull run?
Retail traders, early adopters, users from poor countries, and even some miners. These are the backbone of bitcoin adoption.


Satoshi built Bitcoin to be a tool of freedom and democracy, not as just another way to make the already wealthy even richer.



So my advice for all of you is to get stronger and don't be tempted to sell your BTC just to make a quick profit. Also, don't panic if bitcoin's price goes a bit down, it has already happened many times and will happen again and again. Keep on hodling and forget about that!

Big companies and banks are in for the long run, why don't we act like them?



We have the power to become the new wealthy elite! You gotta have faith. 

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