I am tired of ETH and Publish0x - Extreme Solution

By Arkemmus | Arkemmus' Blog | 8 Oct 2021

I have always said fees in the crypto-world are a huge problem because users are not willing to pay worthy amounts of fees just for the sake of it.


ETH's high fees are not a novelty, but nowadays the situation cannot be tolerated anymore.

As I'm writing, you can see on https://etherscan.io/gastracker that fees are insane, even just for transferring some useless token.






The NFT craze has a lot of responsibility for this network congestion and consequent high fees. 

As you can see OpenSea is by far the top gas guzzler. In the last 24 hours only on this marketplace, users have spent 6 million and a half dollars in fees! I think this insanity must come to an end. 





If you use UniSwap, you have to pay more than 100$ just to perform a single trade! 


Is this the crypto-sphere we really want? In my opinion, paying miners is not better than paying banks or credit card corporations. A fee is a fee, no matter what. Transferring money for free is mandatory if we really want to achieve mainstream success. The whole NFT market on OpenSea has already become a game just for rich people. Regular users cannot participate. For poor artists and collectors, it is almost forbidding to take place in the market. 



Now, as you can see, even here on publish0x it is difficult to make money. In fact, as you can see On-Chain payments are delayed because of high fees.






Since ETH's fees won't "normalize" any soon, I think the publish0x team should add new payment methods. 

But I also think that the publish0x team is composed of ETH maximalists who will never take into consideration other currencies besides ETH and ERC-20 tokens (otherwise they wouldn't have added the '0x' in the platform's name).


But in my opinion, adding feeless transaction methods would be a win-win solution. Users would get paid, on-chain and without any problem, while publish0x would save on fees, thus making more money, not enriching miners. 

The most fun payment method would be Banano. It is easy to use, free and transactions are instant. Users would be paid without even reaching a minimum amount because Banano's feeless transactions would make limits become meaningless. 

Since the Banano team is very active here ()on publish0x I guess they like this platform and would be glad to cooperate.



Now let's move to the extreme solution.

I am so convinced in what you have read that I am willing to give away all of the AMPL I have in my balance to the first user who will comment with his kucoin address. 

Please don't tip me using the publish0x tipping system.  

If you liked this post and want to thank me, you can send me some Banano to this address: ban_1dzus3a1g8zfa1xyhjj6gz3en3ei471pfsu6seo7itsddgam9wnbf6z9tgfn




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