Some people i miss a lot

By Arifa879 | Arifa879 | 23 Feb 2021


 The past sometimes leads to knocking on the closed doors of the mind itself. When it is opened, it is clear that the past has come and it has brought with it all the past moments, events and the sea of emotions connected with them which are no longer in control. Emotions start to swell all of a sudden. Many colors come and go on the face. Images of people who are no longer a part of life are quickly floating around

 But their memories, their words, their laughter, their smiling faces are very close.

 If you close your eyes, it looks like they will disappear when you open them. Everything seems to come to mind. And we are immersed in these memories for a while. Feel these voices, search for life in these past moments. Look at our less rational minds, even if they are forgotten, they never return. We step back into the present by laying down some precious watches of our lives. So the eyes are moist. Like every time, the eyes can't handle their grief and cry. When we went with these memories, we were happy. Now it is difficult to find out whether we started crying or laughing hand in hand.

 We are so humble even to the uninvited guest that it indicates that we are superior.

 And knowingly we go to the valleys of the past to eat wounds. We have very little intellect.

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