ARDUINO 7-segment and push buttons counter(tutorial)

ARDUINO 7-segment and push buttons counter(tutorial)

Today in this instructable We will learn how to make a counter from 0-9 using 1 Digital tube 7 segment Display and Push buttons to calibrate the number up and down, how to program arduino on desktop IDE and how to connect the components with a circuit diagram.



Write here a bullet list of the requirements for the user in order to follow this tutorial.

  • 7 segment display


In this tutorial we will use the common cathode type of seven segment, beacause there are 2 types of 7 segment the cathode and anode. most projects of 7 segment Displays are commonly used in timers, clock, digital clocks, calculators and watches for this tutorial we are going to use buttons to count numbers on the led display.

  • Buttons


we will use the Momentary Push Button Switch a 12mm Square, These buttons gives a nice soft click every time it's pressed so you know that you've definitely activated it. Their almost instant return make them great for building your own homemade button pad. it also make a good reset switch or user feedback for a microcontroller circuit.

  • Resistor


Resistors are electronic components which have a specific measured in ohms, They are passive components, meaning they only consume power it controls the amount of current that flows into the components to protect them from over volume of current that flows through the component

  • Jumper wires


we will use jumpers to connect on a breadboard or female header connector, size and color to distinguish the different working signals. we will use the male to male jumper for 7 segment and the buttons to connect to arduino,

  • Breadboard


we will use a Single Panel Breadboard it is a solderless device for temporary prototype with electronics and test circuit designs. both side of the breadboard is the power rail it is horizontal lining and the middle is the vertical rail for arduino components.

  • Arduino Uno R3


In this tutorial i am using the clone arduino r3 board,

It has 14 digital input/output pins (of which 6 can be used as PWM outputs), 6 analog inputs, a 16 MHz quartz crystal, a USB connection, a power jack, an ICSP header and a reset button.

It contains everything needed to support the microcontroller components.


  • Basic

Tutorial Contents


we are going to use the arduino ide, to set the sketch for this, if you dont have make sure to download the Arduino IDE for your specific operating system. I’ll leave a link to where you can download this software:

  • 7 Segment Displays and Controlling Ways

seven segment displays contain about 8-segments wherein an extra 8th segment is used to display dot. This segment is useful while displaying non integer number. Seven segments are indicated as A-G and the eighth segment is indicated as H. These segments are arranged in the form of 8 which is shown in the seven segment display circuit diagram below.
reference; CIRCUIT DIAGRAM 190903265-c6ec8963a43fd4c19b12c2b5a1b25e93f3824b73696fd18cbf21fcf8c5b0a62b.png COMMON CATHODE PINOUT 190903265-2111cc428d048f06ff99c922cc1ba9c100c9f7a75f91da073c5213dfcea5692a.gif

  • Arduino Pin 2 to Pin 9 of 7 segment
  • Arduino Pin 3 to Pin 10
  • Arduino Pin 4 to Pin 4.
  • Arduino Pin 5 to Pin 2..
  • Arduino Pin 6 to Pin 1.
  • Arduino Pin 8 to Pin 7.
  • Arduino Pin 9 to Pin 6.
  • Arduino pin GND to Pin 3 and Pin 8 each connected with 220 ohm resistors.

Push Button Switch DIAGRAM190903265-d80e9025b74542246b082bb02d0419fe8cf6d161f5fc8278e85ce8cd3806276a.png

The push buttons has 4 set of legs but we will using 2 legs, both the right leg is connected to the GND pin on the arduino the Increase button Pin in connected to pwm 10 and the Decrease button Pin 11.

  • 7-Segment counter with push button Circuit diagram


  • Connect the arduino uno board to your computer using the Type B usb cable included in the package. open the arduino Desktop IDE locate the TOOLS verify the type of board you are using PORT should be on the COM# and the board should be on the arduino/genuino uno if youre using the same board as mine.


I hope you enjoy this actitvity if want to learn how arduino works, and how to make a sketch, then maybe this site help you,this tutorial is origianlly posted on my steemit account.

if you want to get the sketch code of this project please comment down below. all images on this blog are supposedly mine excluding the with src. thank you for stopping by..


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Arduino 7-segment and push buttons counter(tutoria
Arduino 7-segment and push buttons counter(tutoria

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