How hackers Steal your Wi-Fi Passwords with an Evil Twin Attack & How to protect from it.

By RezSat | Archive0x | 22 Mar 2021

How hackers Steal your Wi-Fi Passwords with an Evil Twin Attack

  The biggest advantage of the Evil Twin technique is that it is a passive attack and doesn’t require any active involvement from the attacker, unlike some more advanced attacks. The attacker only needs to be in the vicinity of the victim and trick them into connecting to his/her network. This is also one of the reasons why it is so effective.  


In order to execute the Evil Twin attack, it is necessary to have some basic understanding of how Wi-Fi networks work. In a typical Wi-Fi network, a user has to authenticate himself with a password to connect to the network. This password is sent in clear text to the user.  In an Evil Twin attack, the attacker tricks the victim into using his/her network instead of the original network. The attacker then intercepts the victim’s Wi-Fi password and stores it in a file for later use. Once the victim logs out of the network, the attacker can log in using the captured information.  


If you want to conduct an Evil Twin Attack, I found a nice tutorial from Null Byte : Stealing Wi-Fi passwords with an Evil Twin Attack from NullByte , This explains all the steps to do an Evil Twin Attack.  

How to Protect Yourself from Evil Twin Attacks?

  The easiest way to protect yourself from Evil Twin attacks is to avoid connecting to any public Wi-Fi network. If you are already connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can use a VPN to encrypt your communications and hide your device’s IP address.  


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