Plants for Serenity

Seeking Serenity? Keep these 6 plants in your home

By AqilahTheBlommie | AqilahTheBlommie | 16 Jul 2020

Plants have incredible benefits, some purify the air while others not only heal the body but also increase mood. 


When purchasing plants remember the care for each plant will differ. Some plants require more sunlight than others, the water care will also depend on the type of plant. Each plant gives a different ambiance, so keep this in mind too.


1.Aloe Ferox




Benefits: Aloe is a great air purifier and also does wonders for the skin. With detoxifying properties, aloe is anti-inflammatory and filled with anti-oxidants.

Maintenance: Because Aloe is part of the succulent family, it requires very little water. 


2.Philodendron Hope




Benefits: Another air purifier

Maintenance: Careful not to over-water this one. The Hope plant thrives in lightly moist soil, medium light.


3.Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum wallisii)




Benefits: This phenomenal plant removes harmful chemicals in the air such as acetone vapors, as well as mold spores. Place the Peace Lily in your room, as it also promotes a restful night's sleep.

Maintenance: Caution not to over-water this species. Wait until the soil is dry before you water, ensure the soil is moist, not soggy.


4.Dracaena “Janet Craig” (Dracaena marginata)

aka Dragon Tree




Benefits: Air Purifying, by absorbing led active in the air.

Maintenance: Enjoying bright to medium light, the Dracaena also prefers to be watered only once the soil is roughly 5cm.


5.Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata)

aka Mother-in-Laws Tongue




Benefits: Purifies the air from many harmful chemicals, think of it as your living filter.

Maintenance: With low care needed, water these plants roughly every two-weeks. 


6.African violet




Benefits: Also an air purifier with the symbolic meaning of loyalty, devotion, and faithfulness.
Maintenance: This plant thrives on bright, indirect light so it is a perfect addition to add to any room in your home. To be fertilized every two-weeks.



Plants make me happy :)


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