SwissBorg Community App - Do you need it?

SwissBorg Community App - Do you need it?

By Seaweed King | App Review | 20 Jun 2020

Today on app reviews, we’re reviewing SwissBorg Community App, a Bitcoin prediction game.


What’s the deal with this app?

The SwissBorg Community app is developed by SwissBorg to help beginners in cryptocurrency experience the thrill of predicting the price of Bitcoin through forecasting whether its going up or down without risking any real money. More than a game of logic and chance, you can also learn a lot of things about cryptocurrency through their blogs, videos, and documentaries imbedded in the app. You could also earn CHSB tokens for every achievement you complete in the community app. The community app is also a competition that offers a prize pool up to $500,000 when you belong among the top-ranking players at the end of the event.


How the prediction game works?

The game is very simple. For every 24 hours, you will be asked whether the price of bitcoin will increase or decrease in the next 24 hours. You can choose to bet 200 points up to 5000 points. For example, if you choose that the price of bitcoin will go up and it really did go up, you will win 1000 points. However, if you had the same decision and the price went down, you will then lose 1000 points.


To increase your rank and win the prize money, you need to get high amount of points. This means that you have to get the most prediction right as much as possible. You can also use their referrals as a way to increase your points. You will earn 3000 points for every person who signs up in SwissBorg Community App using your referral code. So, it is really possible to win this competition just by referrals.

What makes this app more interesting is that they will give you 50 CHSB tokens for each achievement you complete. You can actually earn up to 1750 CHSB tokens if you complete all of the achievements they set. The price of these tokens right now is at $0.12.


The said competition will end in the 3rd quarter of the year according to their telegram group.


What’s my opinion about the community app?

First, the design of the app.

They went with a minimalist look in the overall design, which actually looks very modern and luxurious. You won't see any distracting things like on-screen advertisements. The colors, too, were an ideal choice for the eyes especially when in dark mode. In totality, I can say that I truly like the way the app looks and the designer made a wonderful work for that.


Although they've done well with the prediction game, I just find the app to be lacking of purpose. Apart from the game, there’s nothing much to do with the app. You can browse their analysis and news page to learn something about cryptocurrency, but for me, the content there are searchable online, so I don’t really much touch those pages in my use of the app. In my case, I just open it once per day to do my prediction, and that’s it. Also, the app is limited only to Bitcoin. It does not have any other cryptocurrencies that can be used to predict with and track prices. For me, it’s a great disappointment there.


For an expert in cryptocurrency, the community app is not much of a use other than for competition. But for beginners, I think the community will serve its purpose since it will help them get a grasp on how the volatility works in cryptocurrency.




I suggest that you try this application if you are a cryptocurrency beginner. But if you’re already an expert in cryptocurrency then you may pass this one. But don’t forget the competition that is happening in the community app. There are also free swissborg tokens in it. So, if you are interested in winning the competition and earning some free tokens, download the SwissBorg Community App.


You may use my referral code JSD4QDA when you sign up to earn 3000 points easily.


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