Confounding the Wise

Reimagine Pride

Just imagine........

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, having eaten the forbidden fruit, rather than clothing themselves and hiding from shame, instead openly laughing and ridiculing God for His "silly prohibition........"


Now imagine........

Onlookers at Golgotha, watching the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, rather than mourning and weeping, horrified and heartbroken, instead laughing, and jeering, and mocking Our Savior for His "silly sacrifice........"


Now imagine........

Mom and Dad at home, rather than nurturing and protecting their little child, instead laughing and ridiculing her for her "silly ways of walking and talking........"


When will we stop pretending it's wrong to be ashamed of how we've lived, of what we've done, of our disgusting and absurd PRIDE (now masquerading as "self esteem)?  Stop being afraid to be wrong, to be weak, to be REAL.  CONFESS YOUR SINS.  GET ON YOUR KNEES.  All of our anger, our hate, our pride, our selfishness, our lust, our sloth, our lies, our gluttony, our despair...confess these sins and repent!  In our weakness HE is strong, and He will carry us if we only let Him.  He is our Good Shepherd, and He is waiting for us, calling to us, thirsting for us.  Jesus IS The Way, The Truth, and The Life.  He is our only sure hope.

If you find yourself doubting, disbelieving, do yourself a favor:


OK?  Start from there and try to disprove this historical event.  You will fail.  The actual evidence is overwhelming.  Jesus Christ is alive!  And once you accept this Truth of all Truths, your life will take on new meaning, new and everlasting hope, and peace surpassing all understanding.  Your life will be truly made NEW.  And bit by bit, as you grow in faith and trust in Him, you will hunger and thirst for nothing more than just to be in His Holy Presence for all eternity.

Nobody will ever love you more.  Once this realization sinks in as you spend more time with Him, you will never want to leave His Presence.

For whatever it's worth, I'm praying for you.  God bless you.  Come now.








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Catholic husband and father of six, son of two, brother of three, uncle of eleven, friend of many.

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