Noobs Review on CoinSwitch Kuber (An Indian Crypto Exchange)

Noobs Review on CoinSwitch Kuber (An Indian Crypto Exchange)

By Amit Kumar1 | Aparecium | 22 Jul 2021

Hi Guys,

I'm new here in this crypto world and I would like to put forth my view on CoinSwitch Kuber Indian crypto exchange.

Let's talk about their registration process:

you will need your:
-mobile number (should be linked to aadhar-card)
-identity proof (for KYC)
-pan card (for KYC)
-bank details for withdrawing

Let's talk about their beginner-friendly UI.


coinswitch appcoinswitch app 2coinswitch app 3

You can see in the pictures that they provide the current rate in INR which is very useful for an Indian beginner to keep track of their rate in INR.
This helped me in creating investment plans based on my salary.

Buy as low as ₹100!

Yes you heard me right! even if you earn less or you are a student, You can start investing (Remember some Investment is better than no investment).
In my suggestion you can start from SIP kind of plan:
-invest ₹100 per month.
-invest at least 1% of your salary.
You can choose to invest whatever way you want, these are some of my ideas. In the end, it will help you start investing some money in crypto.
Also if you are already investing in stock and mutual funds then investing in crypto will at least diversify your portfolio.

Deposit is simple and easy. Currently, you can deposit from UPI payment gateways or through net banking.
Before a month or two,
There was some issue and they kept changing their deposit account and UPI payment was also stopped for a while.
This Issue was mostly because Indian banks were withdrawing their tie-ups with crypto exchange but this issue was sorted later by RBI which stated that Banks can stop following the notice which was given by RBI in 2017.
Once This issue was resolved the deposit started functioning properly.

Withdrawal is simple too. I have never faced any issue while withdrawing.


In general, CoinSwitch is a good app for beginners to start. I can see that they are improving the UI and adding new functionalities like creating buy and sell orders for a few of the cryptocurrencies.

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Amit Kumar1
Amit Kumar1

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