My (small) Crypto Portfolio - November 30, 2021 (8-day performance)

By diamondstonk | AnythingCrypto | 1 Dec 2021

I started tracking my small crypto portfolio’s performance since November 1. Last week, total portfolio value in USD was around $180.90, it was $210.33 when I started on November 1, but it decreased a bit since I purchased some NFT last week which is not included in here as total.

(Past post link:

 I am open to listen to your opinion so that next time when I rebalance I can do it right.


  • Bitcoin          0.00098419 (Slightly increased, Faucet) 
  • ETH               0.0015          (Decreased, used to purchase NFT)
  • BNB               0.0126         (No change)
  • Doge          113.724           (No change) 
  • Matic            12.392          (No change)
  • Avalanche      0.319          (No change)


Based on the USD values on Coingecko, total is at around $158.28. Value went down as I purchased another NFT.

I have 3 NFTs(and many cheap NFTs for immediate/short term trades) that I purchased to hold medium to long term but did not include in total here since value of NFT can be very volatile and it can be zero if it never sells. Good thing is that market value based on the floorprice of each collections totals about $130 vs $70 spent. I will post about my NFT trades if I sell these with good price in future!


Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels


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