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I thought for a long time whether to write what I do, so I decided to share with everyone how to make money online.

I have been doing internet business for a long time, such as affilate and affilate marketing.

How does it work and how to make money?

There are various platforms on the internet that offer us internet business through affilate marketing such as:




and other similar platforms.

These are platforms that sell various items over the internet.

How to make money through them?

Each of these platforms has the ability to affilate for a variety of products

one example:

you choose a foot cream, take a link to the product and advertise on one of the platforms such as facebook, instagram, twitter and redit and everyone who buys that product through your link you have earned a certain amount of money depending on how much the platforms offer you for each sale.

Let's say you took a link from a cream that costs 20 euros on the site and you sold it for 20 euros and you get 5 euros from that sale, it's all so simple and easy and you can earn a decent amount of money around 500 euros a month if you just deal with it. .

My recommendation is not to sell expensive products for 1000 euros but for 20 to 30 euros and so you can earn about 5 euros per product from each sale.


Make a page on the blogger then gather a few friends, expand your blog and go to amazon, take all the product links, then advertise your blog page and during the day let them sell only 5 products and earn 5 euros that is 25 euros a day.

30 days of travel 25 euros that's 750 euros a month that's already serious money from online earnings that way isn't it?

I do this business and I have about 200 euros a month because I only sell cheap watches and jewelry that way through Amazon through an affiliate program.

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