CertiK blockchain - the external review

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  What is CertiK blockchain?

CertiK blockchain is based on the Cosmos blockchain (SDK). It has a decentralized proof mechanism that allows you to check a particular smart contract to see if it contains errors and whether it contains vulnerabilities to hacker attacks. 

The structure of the blockchain

CertiK includes the DeepSea programming language, CertiKVM virtual machine and the CertikOS operating system. With these tools, developers can create secure and functional systems. 

On the CertiK platform is the CertiK security Oracle, which helps to assess the security of the code based on the criteria previously set by the operators. Operators who take part in evaluating the code and identifying bugs or vulnerabilities in the code are rewarded for their actions in CTK tokens.

After loading the smart contract code into the oracle, the code is split into smaller parts which are checked separately and then reassembled into a single whole. This approach also helps preserve the intellectual property of the code provided by the customer. In addition, CertiK uses coding techniques to help find potential errors in your code more efficiently. Upon completion of the marking, all components of the smart contract are checked using the built-in compiler, which recognizes the marking language.

CertiK shield

CertiK shield is an insurance feature against the loss of tokens under a particular protocol, in the event of a hacker attack. In order to obtain the insurance, a pool is created into which funds are directed for future recovery use. If the project suffers from the actions of intruders or critical errors resulting in project funds being lost or locked, the pool may be used.


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Anton Dzyatkovskii

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