Bitcoin Under Threat

Bitcoin Under Threat As US President Donald Trump Tells The US Treasury Secretary To "Pursue Bitcoin For Fraud"

By Antareum | Antareum | 18 Jun 2020

Western publications reported that Donald Trump once again expressed a negative opinion about Bitcoin. According to the Washington Examiner, the US President demanded that the Treasury Secretary begin criminal prosecution of operations with cryptocurrency.



Trump again criticizes Bitcoin

John Bolton, who previously served as the US president's national security adviser, said that Trump was initially skeptical of any currencies that could become competitors for the dollar. Even the current president's election campaign was built on increasing the importance of the US currency among the population and small businesses.

In July of last year, Trump said that all owners of Bitcoin and those who sell it should be detained and punished according to the law. Despite this, cryptocurrency exchanges continued to operate in the United States. Representatives of the industry were able to prove that digital assets do not contradict the country's legislation, so they have a full right to exist.

"We are watching the cryptocurrency assets. Our approach so far looks very loyal, but in the future, the US government will be ready to counteract any criminal use of Bitcoin and other coins, if necessary," Trump said.

Representatives of the cryptocurrency community came to the conclusion that the policy of the US president may be set against China, which is preparing to launch its own sovereign digital asset, even if it is a state currency.

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