Welcome to Upland: The most popular EOS Dapp right now!

By Answerly app | Answerly | 24 Feb 2021

Upland: An Introduction 

Monopoly has been a darling of everyone who loves to dabble in real-estate games, for many decades now. While it seems unlikely that any invention in the board gaming world is likely to affect its popularity in the future as well, there is one digital real-estate game that you should definitely check out, if you find Monopoly intriguing. We are talking about the decentralized digital real-estate gaming platform Upland. Upland has taken the concept of property trading & rent earning to a whole new level. In this discussion, we talk about the finer aspects of Upland, and try to figure out why the platform is one of the most popular EOS Dapps right now! 

How to sign up on Upland?

So let us get started, and first sign up on the Upland. It is a fairly simple process, with no complicated steps involved whatsoever. If you are using an android phone, you can download the app from the Google Play Store. On the other hand, if you are an Apple user, you can download the iOS version of the app as well. Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to provide your email ID, which is pretty much a standard registration protocol these days. A verification link will be sent to your mailing address, click that and you are all ready to get started. It is pertinent to mention here that while the app runs on an EOS-backed apparatus, you don’t need to have an EOS wallet. It might sound crazy to some of you, but players don’t even need EOS tokens to start having fun on Upland! How conveniently cool is that?

Choose your fighter well!

Or in this case, an avatar. You see, players on Upland are presented on the platform via icons that they choose right at the beginning of the game. These icons are known as block explorers or simply explorers in the Upland world. Using Monopoly as an example once more, you can think of these avatars as something similar to the different shaded pieces which represent a player in Monopoly. However, in Upland, the significance of block explorers is much greater than the pieces of a board game. You see, it is these block explorers which allow a player to roam around the platform, in pursuit of any new properties in their vicinity. Trading on Upland is simply not possible without having an explorer! 

Are you a visitor or you will be an Uplander?

Since you have signed up on the platform already, let us distinguish between these two terms for you before we hop on to the more technical details associated with the platform. But even before we do that, please note that the players on this platform are rewarded in form of UPX. Briefly speaking about it, UPX is a utility token in which all transactions on the Upland platform take place. Now coming back towards the topic of this section, well, any player with a net worth less than 10,000 UPX is termed as a visitor on the platform. What are the perks of being a visitor on Upland? A free EOS wallet. The major downside of being a visitor on the platform is that you don’t have control over your wallet, it is the developers of the platform who have an access to a visitor’s private keys. Also, visitors have to renew their Upland contracts known as VISAs every week. On the other hand, Uplanders are the dudes who have UPX equivalent to more than 10,000 UPX. Speaking in fiat terms, this amounts to a figure of $10, at the very least! Being an Uplander on the platform is way cooler than being a visitor, and we have perks to support this statement with. Firstly, Uplanders can generate their private EOS wallets, which means a big plus, security-wise. Secondly, only Uplanders are allowed to trade properties on the Upland marketplace in exchange for UPX, which is another reason why you would rather be team Uplanders than team visitors. Developers have got plenty of exciting stuff cooking for Uplanders, their future is a lot more exciting than visitors for sure! 

Ways to have fun on Upland!

The trading experience on this platform is certainly top-notch. Players can purchase and sell properties provided they have enough resources to complete these transactions. But that’s not all. The platform also features collection completion tasks, which are tasks that are oriented around purchasing a series of properties. Sounds fun, but is quite challenging as well. And for those of you who are still looking for something more enthralling about the platform, you might want to engage in a treasure hunt! There are three tiers with different rewards and everything, join any of these categories and experience real estate adventure like never before. Oh, and the competitiveness has perked up a bit more ever since the platform introduced leader boards. So, if you want to stay on top of things, you will need to a lot more proactive on this platform than say any other real-estate game you might have played in a while! 

A bit about Upland rents

We are going to crunch some numbers in this section! Now, once you have purchased a property on the platform that means that you will be earning some reward of it regularly. This is what we call the UPX property rent, the precise amount of which varies from property to property. Let us take an example of a property here that is worth 2600 UPX on the platform. The rent on a property worth this value is estimated at somewhere around 37 UPX. We came up with this number by taking into account, the return rate, which hovers around 1.4 percent for such properties on the platform. But like we said, the number is a variable, so you better check out the earning bit in detail by playing around on the platform for a while. 


Well, folks that would be all from this discussion. Upland is a quirky platform in the sense that it can improvise according to the demands of the users. So don’t be surprised if, in the future, the platform comes with more cool features that the world ain’t ready for, just yet! On that exciting note, we bid you farewell from this discussion! 

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