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By Answerly app | Answerly | 12 Mar 2021

Glad to see a few votes on Answerly in (Stellar Community Fund), so it pretty much seems like we are making it to the final round. So, I am using this opportunity and using the last bit of capital to hire 10 content writers. Our goal for the next 40 days is to have 500 Answered questions (that *alone* will possibly bring 50K monthly visitors to our website after proper search engine optimization takes effect).

My plan was always to take Answerly at a slow pace where it grows organically. The Big Q gets 500+ million monthly visits, and there are over 88 Million questions as of 12th March. Sure, we are not overtaking Q anytime soon, but we have all the determination, knowledge, and skills to make that happen.

For now, we aim to work on our short-term goals like this one.

From 15th March - 24th April (40 days)

Right now, there are around 300 users, 121 questions, and 17 answers on Answerly. Even though only a small fraction of questions are indexed on Google, the ones that are, are bringing around 40 organic visitors/day. With the average conversion rate being 20%, we’re getting 8 new users every day. (that’s all with these 17 answers) and a handful of questions.

My short-term plan is to have 500 answered questions with an average of 3 answers/question. We understand that it’s crucial to add the initial content on any website yourselves and then expect the users and visitors to do the same. It’s like showing a direction to the audience.

The starting questions are well-researched with a high volume (mostly 2000+) of searches on the search engines. By the time we end up answering 500 questions, I can almost guarantee that we’ll start seeing a 20-fold increase in the organic traffic of Answerly.

Expected Stats - 24th April

  • Number of total answers = 1500+
  • Number of total questions = 1000+
  • Number of answered questions = 500+
  • Number of users = 500+
  • Daily organic traffic = 1000+

The reason I keep mentioning organic traffic is that it's basically what keeps a platform like Answerly alive. Sure, the referral traffic is great and we also need that, but search engine traffic (in simple words) introduces your business to an audience that isn’t familiar with your product.

Until now, I’ve only discussed how the users can benefit from Answerly. Today, however, I am going to explain why Answerly will also be a better option for the visitors. Unlike Big Q, we don’t force the visitors to sign up in order to read the answers.

People look up to Q/A websites to find quick answers to their queries. It’s like reading-mini articles because you don’t want to go through thousands of words. Internet users just need simple answers to their simple questions. That’s what all Q/A platforms aim to achieve but they fail to realize that users won’t keep up with the quality unless they’re compensated for their efforts. Since the Big Q makes millions from user-generated content, it only sounds fair to share their revenues with the users. As they don’t, many businesses and users are exploiting the system by adding promotional answers (that would only increase their web traffic or sales), thus, destroying the fundamental reason that Q/A websites are designed for.

Here's a live example. Him referring to Bitcoin as the most secure blockchain, you should get the idea :)

On Answerly, we pay the writers for adding High-Quality answers to different questions. We have a very important moderation policy in place that only allows well-written, detailed, and relevant answers to be rewarded as “Best Answer”. Any answer containing elements of Spam won't be able to pass through the spam filters.

If we stick firm to our mission, Answerly can easily achieve over 20K answered questions by the end of this year, which will generate around 2 Million monthly organic traffic. We do have bigger goals to achieve but it’s still too soon to focus on the wider picture.

- Raza Rizvi (Twitter)

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