Litemint - Play, collect, and trade

Litemint - Play, collect, and trade

By Answerly app | Answerly | 13 Feb 2021

The problem 

The biggest challenge which even the best-decentralized applications are facing right now is that they are unable to attract the kind of audience which the gaming industry or mobile application market, in general, is enjoying. Like any other platform, blockchains also thrive on the audience. However, blockchain applications are not likely to attract a billion app user industries without a bridge. A bridge that provides access to this technology has the potential of revolutionizing apps and games. Blockchains have the potential of enhancing P2P payments as well as revolutionizing the game asset tokenization. One solution that promises to provide a seamless experience and access to the new technology is Litemint

Litemint saves the day! 

Litemint was built on the blockchain as a crypto wallet. However, don’t let this small piece of information distract you from its brilliance! Litemint can run apps and games irrespective of the fact if they are blockchain or not. Novices need to read this twice to grasp the impact properly! This freedom of running all the apps on Litemint means a whole new world of unexplored opportunities opens up for the creators. New monetization streams help creators immensely, and of course, Litemint encourages innovative experience for users as well. The amazing about Litemint is that despite the perks that it offers, the platform doesn’t require creators to buy any specific currencies. It is the sellers and buyers who make the call on listing buying currencies. This open-source platform is available on Google Play, Apple store, Linux, Mac & Windows. If you are someone who wants to use it on a desktop, you can do that as well by launching it as a web application on Chrome or Opera browsers.  

Litemint features

We have talked about what Litemint is all about. Now, let us focus on the key features of this platform that enable it to achieve its goals. Well, for starters, the platform allows comprehensive access to Stellar Decentralized Exchange. It also makes the trading of asset pairs possible. The platform is multi-lingual, the languages that are supported on the platform include English, French, Russian, Korean, Chinese, and Greek as of now. It is just not the multi-lingual nature of the platform that makes it a popular choice, it is also its ability to manage multiple accounts that makes it a great choice for users. The gamer ID implemented via the Stellar federation protocol provides universal sync. Here, let us talk a bit about the tradable collectibles as well. Developers can issue these collectibles which are tradable on SDEX. This feature is a great option for games that feature more content and higher retention. This is in contrast to the traditional IAP, which is likely to work for games with lower retention and content.

Security is an important feature of any platform of this nature, something which you should assess first thing. We are happy to report that the Litemint accounts are quite secure. It is the users who hold the account keys all the time. 12-word mnemonic phrases help recover lost/stolen crypto wallets. Litemint with its 24-word mnemonics has outshone other crypto wallets in this regard as well. 

Future goals 

Want to know something freakish about Litemint? It is a one-man project! Tells you a lot about what you can achieve if you are investing your energies in the right direction. Anyways! Now that you are well familiarized with what Litemint is all about, you must be wondering about the future of this non-custodial wallet. Well, as for now, the focus is still going to be on gaming. This is primarily because Litemint feels confident about the connections that it has set up in this industry. It’s expected that more and more gaming studios will hop on board when the platform opens its doors for third-parties. If more interest is shown in this platform, it can build a user base of millions in no time, but that is possible only with proper support! 


Even as we scribble down these lines, Litemint is working on its short term goals rigorously. As of now, efforts are being directed to strengthen the existing server infrastructure, as well as generate more unique content. Hopefully, when that is done, the platform will focus on more partnerships and third-party publishers. The sky is the limit they say, and Litemint is no exception! On this optimistic note, we bid you farewell from this discussion, but make sure that you are checking this space constantly if you are after regular updates about Litemint.

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