How to earn jewels within rules on Upland?

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The app that y’all should have on your phone right now!

Whether you are an android user or an iPhone lover, stop doing whatever the hell you are doing right now, and download Upland, the new hot property in the property world! The EOS-backed Dapp is grabbing the center stage for all the right reasons. It is addictive, it is enthralling but more importantly, it is a gaming platform that has transformed the concept of real estate and given it a completely different digital meaning altogether. We mean to say, how zap cool it is to be able to engage in real estate trading on a virtual platform? Come to think of it, you can purchase properties that have a special place in your heart, on this platform. This multiverse has many dimensions about ecommerce, connections, and entertainment. And in this discussion, we talk about all of these aspects in some detail! Not only that, but we also talk about the rules which all players must abide by if they are after enthralling fun on the platform! Lots to learn from this discussion, we can promise you that much! 

Upland UPX pools

UPX is the utility token in which all transactions on this multiverse take place. Even rewards are dished out in UPX! You see, when a player picks their avatar on the platform, they are rewarded 3000 UPX. Now, there is no shortage of the UPXs because 100 billion of these tokens were minted on the EOS, prior to the creation of Upland. How these tokens were distributed is also a fascinating topic to read about. We will ditch the details and give you a short summary, how does that sound?

Well, there are two UPX pools on the platform. These are known as the Upland pool and the community pool. Both of these pools are worth 50 billion UPX tokens each. The former is controlled by the developers of the platform while the latter is more focused on funding payouts to the Upland property owners. Imagine you bought a property on the platform, the UPX you spent on purchasing the property goes into the community pool. Both of these resources are still far from depleting, which is great news for Uplanders, that’s for sure! 

Become a property pro!

The main goal which the players try to achieve on this platform is dabbling in property trading in a manner that contributes to their better ranking on the leader board. Of course, that is a lot easier said than actually done. Block explorers i.e. a player’s avatar on the platform, must always be roaming around on the map, looking for the most suitable properties which can benefit a player.

 Newbies, please take notes about the different types of properties on the Upland platform. You can’t purchase all of them! The grey properties are un-minted. That means that these were never owned by anyone, ever. As an Upland user, you can mint the parcels and get the mint price from the platform. Light blue parcels, on the other hand, refer to the property parcels which are owned by another user. However, you can still make a bid for these. Then comes the dark green in the list, which is technically just someone’s property on sale. However, users can still quote a different price for these properties than the one mentioned in the offer. The dark blue shade is reserved for those properties which are owned by a user. And lastly, we come towards the light green properties, which are within your explorer’s discovery range. We think that for now, this much information ought to suffice! 

It is not just a trading platform!

We have talked about the property schemes in some detail in the previous section, which might have given the impression that this is a platform that is centred on purchasing & selling land on Upland only. That’s not all, Upland is much more enthralling and exciting than that! You will come to realize this soon when you engage in collection completions. This refers to purchasing properties that cross-match with a particular criterion. The task is fairly easy at the beginning, but as the properties become rarer, things get pretty challenging. And even if this sounds like something right up your alley, you can participate in the treasure hunts to experience the thrill of discovering the undiscovered on the platform. To remain at the top of the world, you will have to compete really hard as a player. Only gaining more UPX’s and land on Upland can put you on the top of the leader board! 

You must play by the rules!

Upland is big on rules, which is why you need to read this section with the utmost attention. We know that some of you are like PFFFTTT is this a classroom? But let us tell you something very important in no uncertain terms. Upland might sound like a platform where avatars roam about the place, but it is humans who are controlling these avatars. And historically, we have been the biggest cheats on this planet! So, if you want to enjoy the game and experience its thrill to its fullest, respecting these guidelines is extremely important.

RULE NUMBER ONE. No direct attacks on other players. Please note that when we say attacks, we are not talking about just direct threatening or harassment. We are also talking about identity concealment and exposure. Uplanders must not expose fellow Uplanders! That means no revealing of real identity or any personal information that you might be aware of, concerning a fellow player. The second most important rule is about cheating. Yeah, it is not allowed! Now, cheating has been defined as precisely as possible by the platform, so that there are no ambiguities left whatsoever. Briefly speaking, cheating refers to multi-accounting, spoofing, server attacking, and bug exploitation on the platform. However, this is not an exhaustive list by any means. 

Wondering about the punishment if you break any of these rules? You will be sent to Alcatraz, which is a forbidden place, pretty much like Azkaban in the Harry Potter series. Some players might even have to stay there all their lives! So, if you want to keep on enjoying the platform, don’t be a rule breaker. With that word of advice, we bid you farewell from this discussion!

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